Why do we get deja vu?


Has it ever happened with you that as you sit among your friends
or are at work or holidaying or just taking a walk and you get a
sudden feeling that ‘this has happened before…I have been here
before’? If it has happened…then what you experienced in that
split second was a ‘déjà vu’. It is a French word which means
‘already seen or experienced’.
The scientists have come up with various theories regarding the
phenomena of déjà vu. Some claim it is associated with temporallobe
epilepsy while others put it as a memory error. Another
explanation is that there is a split second delay in transferring the
information from one part of the brain to another because of this
delay, one side of the brain would get the information twice.
Therefore making the person sense that the event has already
happened before. You might discard a déjà vu to be an erroneous
brain function or appreciate that you have actually been here
I will attempt to explain the phenomenon here through the vedic
concept of purush (soul) and prakriti (elements). A human being
is a combination of the five elements which form the body/cell
and the soul, which experiences those elements. In the process of
birth and rebirth, the soul changes bodies (elements) and the
elements (cells) also disintegrate and combine with other
elements to form a new body. That is, they change form. A déjà vu
maybe related to the elements or the soul.
The elements changed their form millions and trillions of times
before forming the body that you have right now and in the
process, interacted with millions and trillions of cells which may
now be thousands of miles away. Even though not a part of the
same system anymore, the elements/cells are able to
interact/communicate with each other. This phenomenon has
been validated by the scientists at UCLA and Charles R. Drew,
University of Medicine and Science, who found that cells
communicate with each other even when they are physically
separated. In a déjà vu, what happens is that you see something
which a part of you (which is no longer physically connected to
you) has also seen, maybe simultaneously or at another point in
time, and since your communication with that part continues
despite physical separation, through that communication, you
experience an event twice.
A déjà vu may also happen due to momentary activation of higher
centres of the brain because of which the soul is able to travel in
time through a white tube above the ahead, called the
antahkarana…something which I have personally experienced
and know that it exists. We have all been here before and all that
has to happen has happened already, the creation as it unfolds in
front of us, maybe compared to a movie playing on a loop. And all
this information, the past-present-future is stored in our
antahkarana. The soul as it relives the experiences is at times
prompted by the antahkarana of the repetitive nature of the
events, and we have a déjà vu.

Naina Pahuja

Naina Pahuja

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