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Every faith and culture prescribes certain rites to be performed at the death of a person. These last rites are performed to ensure the smooth transition of the spirit from the body into the next one and the reassilimation of the body into the five elements that constitute it. At times, when these rites are not performed, or if the karmas of the deceased do not allow him/her to have the body as they desire, the spirits remain suspended in a bodiless existence. When such spirits meet someone who matches their desires, or who they think would be able to fulfil their desires, they reveal themselves to the person and interact with him/her.

This incident dates back to 2012. I was 17 and was informed that a friend who was even younger than me committed suicide by taking poison. I went for her funeral and found her roaming in the graveyard. She wore a detached expression and watched everyone mourn over her death. She walked up to me and asked me to tell her family not to grieve over her. She had already decided where she was going next and was happy. For a week after that she kept contacting me from different places. It seemed to me that she was on a tour of the world. She also visited one of her cousins in his dream and repeated what she said to me…She was happy with the place she was going to take her next birth in.


At another occasion, I encountered the spirit of the son of a sarpanch. He showed me his life from the time when he was small, to the time when he drove a motorcycle as a young man. He took me through the episode of his marriage and how he was brutally murdered…After that I never saw him again.

These incidents just remind me of Yogi Ashwini’s words that spirits are not there to harm anyone. They just want to convey their desires so that they can be freed. They are souls who have not been able to take a body either due to lack of karmas or due to inability to obtain release because of attachments of relatives.

They can be helped by performing rites prescribed by our ancients, havans and mantra chanting or by fulfilling the desires they communicate to their families and friends. Most importantly, people attached to the deceased have to understand that the soul has left the body and however attached you are to the person, you have to let go, for the soul to find another body, another birth, so that your attachment doesn’t keep calling it, preventing it to step into another realm. Shantipath and such rituals enable a soul to depart to the world it then chooses or attains owing to its desires and karmas.

It is best to release the soul and not trap it by thinking too much about it. Those deceased should be allowed to go into the next realm or body as per their karmic balance and desire. Using yogic abilities or the power of your thought to hold them back would only create more harm than good. For performing Vedic havans and yagyas at your home to release the deceased ones, you may contact Dhyan Foundation.

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