Bangalore Hauntings


It is said in the abode of Shiv, all are welcome– sur, asur, dev, daanav, manushya, kinnar, bhoot, pret, pisach. Shiv does not discriminate. In fact, when you embark on the Journey of the Spirit, the quest to merge with Shiv, bhoot, pret and pisach are the first that you encounter, them being Shiv ganas.

Imagine you are out on a vacation and check into your hotel room, and you realise there are more entities staying there. Imagine the bathroom door getting bolted on its own from the inside. Imagine that the first thing you see in the morning is that on a blank piece of paper kept on the desk in your room, someone has scribbled ‘papa’, ‘mummy’ and some names. Imagine hearing the jingling of bells in your room when there is no bell or chime nor a recording of it playing. Now know, that these are not imaginations, but real life experiences of people!


All the Dhyan Foundation people travelling with Yogi Ashwini checked into one such plush hotel in Bangalore which was built near a hospital and had spirits already inhabiting it – without checking in…

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall

As I got into the multi-thread cotton sheets on a comfortable bed, I felt there was someone in the room. A presence was felt. I looked around and seeing nothing at all, I shrugged the feeling and went to sleep. After few minutes, something made me open my eyes all of a sudden, and I looked towards the mirror which faced the bathroom door. Then I saw it, it was a whitish grey misty figure standing in front of the mirror. I kept looking at it. It seemed like it was breathing, I rubbed my eyes to see maybe I am not seeing this correctly, but the form was still there in front of the mirror just standing there. I was taken aback initially but then I remembered how Yogiji says that these spirits cannot do anything and I went back to sleep…

Sulabh, Journalist

Knock Knock

I had come for a dhyan trip with Yogiji. On the first day, as I was doing dhyan in my room during the day, I could hear someone knocking on the door. The sound was loud and clear, “knock-knock”, it happened twice. Right after that, I felt as if someone jumped on my bed, but there was no one in the room, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign was put outside the door.

At night, when I closed my eyes for dhyan, a black figure dressed in white attire appeared in front of me. Next I saw Yogiji at an ancient temple, there was lightning and thunder. When I got up from dhyan, again there was a knock on the door. When I went to check, there was no one.

Dr. Anubha, Scientist

Self-Operated Shower

I do a havan daily. The havans at Dhyan Ashram are smokeless, so they can be carried out even in a hotel room, without putting off the smoke detectors. I, however, decided to do it in the shower cubicle, so as not to disturb anyone or anything. The havan lasted for twenty minutes and just as I was making the final ahuti, the overhead shower started…on its own. It was unexplainable, especially when I had myself put the shower on “hand-shower” mode an hour back to do some cleaning and put it off as well.I am in the hotel industry and I know these things don’t happen like this. There was no ‘showering’ all this time and just at the time of purnahuti, as if someone wanted to disrupt the havan, the shower started on its own!

With Guru’s grace, the fire was unaffected and havan completed successfully, but I was completely drenched.

Gayatri, Hospitality Professional

Lock and Sound Show

Horror movies have been a fascination for most…but being a part of one is an experience which one cannot get or forget easily…Our recent trip to Bangalore was one such unforgettable experience.

As I returned to my room in the evening after a dhyan session with Yogi Ashwiniji, I could hear loud noises coming from inside. On unlocking the door I found that the radio was on, even though the mains were off (they turn on only once you insert the key). All through the night, the radio switched on and off…on its own.

The next day when I returned to room after a day’s events, once again I could hear noises from inside. This time it was the alarm. I pushed aside all thoughts entering my head at the time, dismissed the alarm and prepared for my daily havan. In the middle of it, once again the alarm beeped. I turned it off and sat for the havan. As I started, once again the alarm rang. By now I had started to get a feeling that whoever/whatever was behind it, was doing so to disrupt my havan. I carried on nevertheless.

The next day, when I sat for dhyan, I could hear knocks on the window panes. After a few seconds, the knocks could be heard on all walls and doors! As an add on, there was noise of footsteps going back and forth in the room, although there was no one (visible) in the room besides me. Soon after, my husband came in the room. He tried to open the bathroom door, but the door refused to budge…it was locked from inside and there was no one in the bathroom! When we reported the event to the hotel staff, they just smiled mysteriously…

Deepti, Financial Analyst

Netherworlds Exist

I am a journalist by profession working in a leading international news agency. Asking questions is my second nature – doubting everything is my first. Somehow, the existence of spirits, ghosts, lower dimensions, hauntings, paranormal activities etc. has always been trashed by my journalistic brain as complete absurdity. But, what do you do when you interact with a presence which you can perceive but can’t see…?

On a recent visit to Bangalore, I checked into a fancy hotel and was more than eager to get comfortable in my room. But strangely, as the day went by – one after the other my roommates began describing strange experiences they were having, lights turning off on their own, the radio switching-on on its own, the bathroom getting latched from inside by itself…..But of course none of these convinced me – as now even my roommates seemed absurd to me. I sat for meditation before sleeping and much to my horror, absurdities were going to become logical very soon…..

As I closed my eyes, within a few moments – I had a vision of a woman with her hair falling in front of her eyes. I did not recognize the woman – so I knew it was not my brain at play. In my perplexity and constant attempt to recognize her, I continued to look intently when suddenly……her face changed!

The harmless face became impetuously hateful and violent and seemed to move towards me…forcing me to physically raise my hands in the air and move back. I have been doing dhyan since the past seven years and do not move even an inch in the practice – but the force and horror of that presence nearly pushed me back by a foot. I opened my eyes and asked my roommates if they felt something – to which one of them replied saying that he too heard the screaming voice of a woman.

How modern science can ever explain this – I don’t know. But as an educated, experienced journalist I surely seem to have no doubts pertaining to the existence of the netherworld.

Shivan, Journalist

The Shaking Bed

I have been to Bangalore many a times, this visit however is something I will never forget. My husband  and I had accompanied Dhyan Foundation volunteers for a dhyan trip with Yogi Ashwiniji. After an eventful day and a long interaction with Yogiji, the two of us returned to our room. There was something eerie about the place. Nevertheless, we changed and retired for the night. At around 2.30am suddenly the bed started shaking intensely. I woke up aghast. I looked over to my husband, he had the same expression. We could not sleep after that. In the morning, when we met the rest of group we learnt that no one had had a comfortable sleep the night before. The following night, once again the bed started shaking as if there was an earthquake…there was no earthquake. The third night again the same thing happened. This time we could also hear an ominous laugh, and then I saw a depression in the bed right next to where I was sitting, as if an invisible entity was resting next to me. It has never happened with me before, for me these things were limited to horror movies, and then Bangalore happened…

Benu, Entrepreneur

Bathroom Visitor

I checked into the hotel at about 11 pm, took a bath and sat for dhyan. My roommate went outside, so I had locked the door from inside. The lights were switched off, the only light coming was from behind the curtains of the bathroom. Just before I closed my eyes for dhyan, I noticed some movement in the bathroom. At that moment I ignored it and sat for dhyan but something did not let me sleep the whole night. In the morning when I heard stories of fellow travellers…chill ran down my spine. It wasn’t my imagination after all…there really was someone/something behind the curtain!

Dr. Prasan

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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