Water is Alive


Water holds a special place in all religions and cultures across time. Life began in water. There are organisms on earth that can survive without air but there is none that can without water. We know that 71 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Like the earth’s surface, our bodies are made up of 70 to 90 per cent water, while our brains are made up of 85 per cent water. Scientists look for water on other planets as a sign of the existence of life.

Water has some unique properties which probably is the reason why life cannot exist without it. For example, its density decreases below freezing point unlike other substances that become denser on cooling, and it takes a lot of heat energy to raise water’s temperature by a given amount. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for marine animals to survive in waters that could have got overheated under the sun or in waters that would freeze as temperatures lowered.


But water is not just a simple chemical substance.

Water is alive. Water has consciousness. Water is prana. Bodies of water such as rivers, streams, lakes and ponds are one single interconnected consciousness, which responds to changes made anywhere upon them by other conscious beings within and around it.

Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist and a doctor who conducted numerous experiments on the water to study how it responds to changes in its environment. Dr Emoto found that human consciousness has an effect on the crystal structure of water, which he believed was instantaneous. Water stores memory of every object that it comes in contact with. Every thought or word, with the emotion attached to it interacted with water differently like a unique magnetic code and created either harmonious or irregular patterns according to Dr Emoto.

Water: The Great Mystery, a documentary mentions a mysterious incident in the year 1956. Some scientists had gathered at a secret military lab to create bacteriological weapons in South East Asia, to discuss what properties can be used in these weapons of mass destruction. The meeting was suddenly stopped, as all the scientists became very ill with the symptoms of food poisoning and had to be rushed to the hospital. Surprisingly the scientists had consumed nothing except water from crafts sitting on the table. Even when this water was tested, it was found to contain no harmful additives and its chemical composition was H2O. The tests were concluded with a report that said “poisoned by normal water”.

A simplified analogy of the memory of water theory by Lionel Milgrom, in the article The Memory of Molecules originally published by The Independent is as follows: “It is like a CD which, by itself, cannot produce a sound but has the means to create it, etched into its surface.”

It is no surprise that in the Vedic times whenever a rishi would curse anyone they would pronounce the curse on a handful of water. It was also a common practice to use water energised with specific chants for healing purposes. These rishis knew it then that water can act as a carrier of energy. It is also no surprise that most rishis chose to do their penance alongside water bodies making them sacred. Dr Emoto took pictures of how the crystals of water formed beautiful patterns after prayers were offered over them.

More studies have also been conducted on how water moves along the course of a river. If you observe naturally flowing water, it creates spirals within itself. Within moving and flowing river is water that is spiralling and spinning which often develops into vortices. Ausubel Kenny in the book Restoring the Earth: Visionary Solutions from the Bioneers mentions that water moves as “trains of vortices, streams moving within streams…ripples”. (Ausubel 1997: 219)  Through its wavy, spiral, serpentine flow, water keeps itself alive.

Today we are polluting it physically, chemically and emotionally, killing it through artificial processes and technology. The treated water is almost dead by the time it reaches our homes, a primary contributor to rising disease. Some Russian scientists studied light emission (energy) of water samples from a remote region of Venezuela, which has not been touched by man ever. These samples were found to emit 40,000 times more light energy than our normal drinking water.

It is high time we take cognizance of the life and wonders of nature and its various elements, and conserve them, for the sake of the planet and for the sake of our own survival. Let’s not forget we too are 70 per cent water.

Guest Author: Govind Patel

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Guest Author

Guest Author

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