Universal Consciousness


At the very core of the hustle-bustle of the madding crowd, clutter of our wandering thoughts, chaos of the daily grind and the various states of our minds, lies our consciousness: dormant – unawakened, unnoticed, unexplored.

One’s consciousness can be called one’s ability, sense of perception or even imagination. The way a person’s mind operates, the thoughts one catches, the way one reacts to a certain situation, or the way one exercises his/her imagination is a clear indication of his or her state of consciousness.


Consciousness is universal, or in other words, Universe is consciousness. It is something which is alive and at work all the time. To put it very simply, Universe is like an invisible radar or a receptor, receiving and transmitting energy all the time. It is the basis of the Universal ‘Law of Karma’, ‘Law of Attraction’ or if put in terms of modern physics – Newton’s third ‘Law of Motion’. It is just not physics, its metaphysics, paranormal, supernatural, transcendental or however one may choose to define or perceive energy.

Like a radar catches pulse or vibrations, the universe is all the time catching vibrations or frequencies that we emit and reflects them back to us. And this action and reaction is our life, juxtaposed with consciousness of all the people and entities our vibrations relate to or match with.

This journey that we call life is only a receiving, of our vibrations and our frequencies, and that continues life after life, for we are not just one body and one mind, we are a part of this expansive consciousness, isolated from it within our minds and bodies. Our state of mind and awakening of consciousness gives us the power to bring about changes at the universal level, starting from individual levels.

As the consciousness awakens, we develop the ability to alter the conditioning of our minds, which limits our potential. As we begin to exercise the power of our mind and using it to manifest our thoughts, step by step working consciously towards it, we are able to bring about a change to the degree that it expands from an individual level to a group and from there to a society, to a nation, to the universe. Always remember, any global movement or societal change started from an individual’s thought or consciousness.

Our minds are very powerful entities, the abilities of which, are lowered owing to the limiting conditioning by other minds, collective consciousness of the society and the people, their synergies, around us. To explore the universe and the ability of consciousness, to understand the forces of nature and journey of life, all we need to do is to start seeing the world (including all beings and entities) in terms of vibrations, frequencies and energy.

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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