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Mahabharata describes the city of Krishna’s Dwarka and also the war between Shalwa and Krishna. It mentions the various weapons used which include thunderbolts from flying machines in the sky and weapons, which seem to resemble nuclear warheads and machines, which seem like flying saucers.

Till recently, the modern day historians called Dwarka a myth, just like Ram Setu or Mahabharata or Saraswati River or even that Aryans were from India…were all called myths. One does not need much brains to understand that most of the historians were from the West or with western education as the basis and were towing the line of Macaulay, who had proclaimed in 1836 at the ‘British House of Commons’ that Indians were satisfied economically and were culturally very advanced. He saw no beggar on the streets and there was no dearth of wealth. He felt it was impossible to rule such a culture and that the only way was to make Indians believe that their culture was inferior to the British and their knowledge was primitive. Any proof of the supremacy of the east over the west would have hurt the agenda of the colonial British rule.


The discovery of the city of Dwarka off the coast of Gujarat and the discovery of gigantic citadels and colossal foundations which the authorities say could not be made by humans, point towards the existence of Krishna and that the city was built by Vishwakarma… a God. The discovery of River Saraswati by NASA now confirms the existence of the so-called mythical river…same goes for all the other facts also, all of which have now been proved to have existed just as they were described in our scriptures, by the western intelligent scientists and historians. Michael Cremo and David Childress in their books, Forbidden Archaeology and Technology of the Gods describe the wars and proofs of human civilization existing here 32000 years back.

Sangam literature says that there was a land mass connecting India, with Australia called Kumari Kandam where a sangam was held by saints 11000 years back; here all the knowledge was collected and shared (Studies in Tamil Literature and History, Vol 5, by Ramachandra Dikshitar). Most of the saints were extraterrestrials and some could be called to have come from different dimensions (lokas). The ancients specified the difference between lokas and planets and galaxies. The former were levels of existences of beings of various kinds while the latter was only a physical plane. (David Childress in Technology of the Gods). In the vedic philosophy, gods and demons live in various lokas or planes of subtler or grosser existences…not physical places.

The vedic scriptures say that gods came from other dimensions and so did various other existences like gandharv, yaksha, rakshas etc…even humans came to this planet.

The modern scientists now also agree that the human race was brought here from some other dimensions and gods looked over it. It is also very interesting to see that this reality has been completely wiped off the minds of the majority of people. The modern day man believes in no gods, he believes in only exploitation of the earth’s resources for his personal gain at the cost of nearly destroying the environment and nature…the very environment that he has to live in, for he falsely believes that he is not going to come back once he is dead.

The Vedas gave a code of conduct to the humans and also gave ways to communicate with gods (havans and mantras) (NASA Researcher Rick Briggs, asserted in AI Magazine in 1985, ‘Among the accomplishments of the grammarians can be reckoned a method for paraphrasing Sanskrit in a manner that is identical not only in essence but in form with current work in Artificial Intelligence…much work in AI has been reinventing a wheel millennia old’) and also gave the route back in case if we had lived our full in this dimension and desired to go back home…this route was revealed to the Guru. Interestingly they also clearly warned and told, that man of this time period would destroy everything including himself because of his selfish and atheist nature. There would be very few who would be able to see reality and would try and save mankind. Rishi Markandey clearly describes the events of Kaliyug in the Van Parva of Mahabharat.

Slowly as modern science is discovering the authenticity of the vedic masters’ words, they are discovering scientific facts which were documented thousands of years back and are now coming to conclude that what the Vedas spoke was a reality and not a myth.

The only thing which would be left to be discovered would be the route to go back to our home and communication with the gods…as detailed in Sanatan Kriya this is the subject of Guru-shishya relationship and hence cannot be discussed here…this would forever elude the modern day man as he would desperately try to create the instruments to achieve the given object, but as his ego will look for proof of authenticity of the vedic texts, proof which his instruments can validate, it would not permit him to make a Guru, all his rediscoveries would go to waste…he will rediscover the physical but the essence which is beyond physical would elude him…the reason for Mahapralay or the final doomsday.

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