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The rays from the setting September sun bounced off the shimmering surface of the water in iridescent splendour as I looked out over the horizon, thinking: what a pity.

It was at the last sermon of Yogi Ashwini, when I learned the eye-opening truth about the practice, which social commentators believe characterises the vedic civilisation – Untouchability. A practice introduced by the East India Company, conveniently earned the tag of ‘made in India’. The seeds of superior and inferior races were planted in our minds with the advent of Imperialists who used this to justify the rule of ‘superior’ whites on the ‘lesser beings’ that people of other colour were. A prime example of this are the Mall roads one sees at hill-stations. In Shimla, till date there exists an upper and lower mall road, which in pre-independence times were used by imperialists and subjects respectively to emphasise on the divide.


When these imperialists interpreted our history, they did so to break our own faith in our culture and to set in the notion that we were backward, inferior. Our culture on the other hand, is by far the most scientific of all world cultures at any point in time, since it is rooted in the concept of energy, of prana. In our culture people were identified not by the colour of skin or by birth, but by energy. There were certain yogis and rishis who through intense tap and sadhna were able to tune their energy bodies to subtler frequencies, while a lay person embedded in physical thoughts and desires functioned at grosser frequencies. Science says that if you bring a high energy in contact with a low energy, exchange of energy happens, such that energy flows from high energy point to low energy point. Our rishis and Gurus were aware of this, and so insisted on good company or satsang. When you are in the company of evolved beings, your frequencies change and you too evolve – the basis of Guru-drishti and of shakti-path. While such an interaction upgrades a normal person, it is a drain on the energy of the Guru who then has to perform that much more tapa to restore his/her frequency. That is why, yogis and rishis would limit their interactions and would only mingle with serious sadhaks who could accept their energy and channelize it further.

This was construed by the imperialists as similar to their own concept of superior and inferior races, and the evil of untouchability was justified to us as being a part of our own ‘backward’ culture to create a divide among us, so that they could rule. It is close to seventy years since we have been a free nation, our thinking however still is in parts captivated. Let us free our thinking. Untouchability is a crime, and is NOT a part of our culture and must not be practiced or allowed to be practiced.


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