Nandi: The Divine Transceiver


There are various energies which govern this Creation – sun, moon, stars…and then there are energies which are sent to preserve this Creation – cows and bulls. While cow represents the Mother Earth, bull is the energy closest to Lord Shiv.

All across the world (Egyptians, Zoroastrians, Ancient Greeks and Indians) – we find references of the exalted status of cows and bulls. But, what’s so special about this animal?


When we speak of cows and bulls – they are venerated and considered as a sign of prosperity. Most of us relate it to their physical contributions towards Creation – nourishment through milk, ghee, curd, butter, medicinal and agricultural uses of urine, anti-radiation and fertilising effects of cow dung, the termite resistance property of ploughing with bull’s hooves, etc. But a lesser known fact is the elevated consciousness levels of these silent observers!!…a fact well known to rishis and yogis and subject of experience for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Interacting with the energy of a bull under the guidance of a Guru (in the form of gauseva, rehabilitation, protection) automatically elevates the consciousness levels of the sevak – and entitles him/her to achieve and receive whatever he/she desires from this Creation (physical or spiritual – the choice is yours).

I’ll share with you a recent experiment that was conducted on this front. Historical texts suggest that Nandi (or bull), which is also the vehicle of Lord Shiv, had received a boon – anything that is whispered in Nandi’s ear, reaches Lord Shiv directly. At Dhyan Foundation, a young student of Yogi Ashwiniji put history to test!

The young boy wished to study a specific course in one of the finest universities abroad, but family finances posed constraints. As the boy was already involved in gauseva, Yogiji asked him to whisper whatever it is that he wanted, into a bull’s ear every day. The boy practiced this regularly and within six months…the funds were generated, his tickets booked and he was enrolled in the University of his choice!

There is always an opposite aspect to everything in Creation. So just imagine, if the boon is such, how potent would be the curse?! If dedicated gauseva and connection with the Guru can enable an ordinary boy to call out to Creation and manifest the means to pave his own life – what would be in store for those who kill and abuse the bulls?  To put it in plain words – harming these preservers of Creation (turning a blind eye to a bull being hurt is an equivalent crime) is a direct path to hell! In case of any doubts, you may read Yogi Ashwiniji’s article on Hell.



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