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We are living in the last phase of kaliyug. Muni Markandeya and Vedvyas had prophesied in Mahabharata’s Vanaparv and Kurmapuraan respectively that at the end of kaliyug there will hardly be any gurus who can initiate a shishya on the path of sadhna just by their kripadrishti. In fact, so-called gurus will be busy looting and duping people in the name of yog to grow their business and bank balances. And this is exactly what is happening right now… So, in such times how can one find a real Guru and walk the true path of yog?

The answer is gurusewa. A normal human being tied in paash (refer to the article, ‘Wonder why? – Part I’, TIW, December 2012 Issue) leads a selfish life and so is called a pashu. With every karma the layers of mal (agyaan) keep increasing, and as a result one spends lifetimes in kalesha. But when one walks the path of gurusewa, the selfless path and takes responsibility of others around, Guru’s kripadrishti falls on the being and guides him/her through.


I cannot find words to express the good fortune of having found such a Guru in Yogi Ashwini, who is a rare phenomenon in today’s day and age following the true guru-shishya tradition and lighting the path for thousands across the world. Examples abound at Dhyan Foundation of people who were not just ridden with disease, but at times faced with impending death and their lives suddenly took a u-turn once they came in the sanidhya of this living master, in whom many have experienced light in the form of shivswaroop. Shribhagwan Krishna told Arjun through Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta that if you want to know me in the true sense, then find a Guru, pay your salutations at his feet (dandwat pranam) and do nishkaam sewa (selfless service) and then if you seek gyan, the Guru will give you gyan through his updesh.

Tat viddhi pranipaten pariprashnen sewya i updeshyanti te gyanam gyaninah tattwadarshinah ||34 || Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Chapter 4
Muni Markandeya had said that in kaliyug people will be untruthful and so, will age faster and live less. And because of reduced age, they will not be able to imbibe the complete gyan necessary to carry out their lives in the right direction and therefore will mostly remain agyaani. Let us not waste the limited time that we have; the satguru as described by Shribhagwan Krishna is there…to earn his kripadrishti, we must start taking the responsibility of others around us. The time is now, to walk the path, as lighted by Yogi Ashwini and take our first step towards the journey of evolving from a pashu to pashupati.

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TIW Bureau

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