Start Young


As Yogi Ashwiniji says, “by far the hardest to observe is the dharma of character. Raising your voice and standing up against the wrongs/injustice/exploitation/ ill-treatment of any animal, human or environment also constitutes ones’s dharma.” Somehow this concept ofdharma, is absent in most children and adults who have been raised on the modern education system. Majority know how to demand for self, how to achieve and acquire, but very few can look beyond themselves – at the interest of fellow beings (outside of family), of animals and plants and Creation at large. Result is a newspaper filled with negativity and a world that is fast deteriorating.

In the ancient times, the children were sent to gurukuls, where education was imparted holistically. Every aspect of Creation was taught to them, Dharma being the most important and ‘I’ being a very minute aspect, thus moulding them into good human beings and the rest just followed.


In twenty-first century, the children of Dhyan Foundation’s Anand Vidyalaya (AV) under the Guiding Light of Yogi Ashwiniji, are reviving our ancient roots and resolving to turn the wheel backwards to a time, when there was abundance and prosperity and harmony. These kids not only recite Sanskrit slokas and do dhyan, but also provide for and protect the elements of nature around them. Recently, the various AV centers built shelters for stray dogs, where these animals are fed daily by the kids. These kids love to visit gaushalas where they feed home-cooked rotis to the cows and are on their way to make bird houses and bird feeds for their feathered friends. They do not think it is extra-ordinary, but get surprised at the apathy of grown-ups towards what is around them. It is a treat to interact with these little bundles of energy and nurture their kind thoughts into action.

Today everyone wants to give their best to their children, but in the process is failing them to make them better human beings which is the very essence of life. A small step towards aiding the Creation can instil in them the Dharma of character which is held the highest of all.


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