Soak in Sun’s Healing Power


The nature around us is a vast storehouse of prana, vibrating at different frequencies, seen as different colours each having distinct properties.These are helpful in keeping our mental, physical, emotional and financial balance. A very strong source of prana is Surya (sun), it is easily accessible to us and at the basic level is seen as white prana. This white contains all other healing colours and it needs either the power of the healer to channelise this prana, or the use of artefacts such as water and coloured glass to segregate one colour from the other.

This prana has a great significance in Spiritual Healing as it has many therapeutic properties. Here we take up two Surya pranas/colours.


Green Surya Prana: Take a green glass bottle full of fresh water and keep it in the sun for one to two hours so that it absorbs the Surya Prana. The colour of the bottle determines the frequency of prana passing through it. Thus, the prana filtering through a green bottle will have the properties of green colour, which is purifying and disinfecting. Drink this water on a regular basis to have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the body. It helps improve digestion, purify blood, clean the kidneys and give a radiant, glowing and healthy skin.

Blue Surya Prana: This can be absorbed using a blue glass bottle. Fill the bottle with fresh water and keep in the sun for one to two hours daily. The water absorbs the Surya Prana filtering through the blue colour of the bottle. Blue has the properties of disinfecting and disinflaming, cooling, contracting and soothing. Water energised with blue Surya Prana helps reduce inflammation and has a calming and cooling effect. Drinking this water proves to be very beneficial for people suffering from acidity, high blood pressure and people with an aggressive nature and sleeplessness.

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