Manage your stray best friends the way they like


Ok, there are few people who do not like stray dogs. Some are afraid of them; some feel disgusted at their sight. Some seek pleasure in hurting them. Some seek immense happiness to see them suffering. As long as one is scared or is disgusted by them, it is under control. But if you find pleasure in hurting or harming them, stop right there. Animals have conscience and feelings; they feel pain and also love. A dog can be your best friend, an aloof stranger and a ferocious enemy when provoked, that is a choice you make. But whatever you choose, hurting them is not an option.

I recommend befriending them. Here are few tips!


Don’t judge a dog by his size. When threatened, all dogs react uniformly. Small dog also keeps equal talent to pounce on you.

Think that it does not matter to you. Keep repeating. Pretending. That the dog is not there. Not much difficult. We always do that with real people then why not with dogs? It works. Rather it will work two ways. One that your reflexes would be calm and second the dog will also feel less threatened.

Depending on your reaction the dog may just walk away or may come over to investigate. Stay relaxed. Start talking to him calmly or you may just make a ticking sound from your mouth.  If you show your real feelings now, it may sniff the danger and react accordingly. All animals sense our feeling and react fittingly.

 When you are being enquired, don’t consider his eyes. This may provoke.  Instead look at his body anywhere. And keep talking to him. Dogs can be befriended very easily.

Show your affection to them. Always carry biscuits for them. Whenever you cross them alone, make it a point to leave little biscuits for them at a distance. This has always worked. In no time, you see how they would start liking you.

Don’t ever lean on them or rather let them take the lead. Let them walk up to you. Your reaching for them may challenge them. Depending on the aggressiveness of the dog, you may hold out your hand. But it is not advisable.

Never ever pat an unknown dog on his head face or on his tail. That’s very private. They may charge directly. Best part is on the top of his back. Just pat a little. Let him understand the feeling. And let him judge.  He is the Boss.

Dogs have their own rule. However docile they look; they will not take any time to pounce. If threatened, they are known to take life also. But if you care for them and show your however small a concern for them, then they are your best friends. They have a unique sense of healing. And all that will become only yours for their life time. Love them a little, take care of them a little, you will be overloaded. That’s a guarantee.

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TIW Bureau

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