Everyday A New High


Being a yoga guru and having students from all walks of life from all over the world, my life would seem very cushy and comfortable with an over-spilling bank balance. But to disappoint all the gurus in the making (who are aiming for overflowing bank balances by getting into selling of yoga) and to scare those who are already doing it, I would like to highlight the reality.

To embark on this beautiful journey called yog, you come in contact with various aspects of divinity and a one-to-one connection is developed with them. The siddhis detailed in Patanjali Ashtang Yog are accessed easily – be it wealth, it is at your beck and call without having to sell any complicated asans and kriyas; or the opposite sex, it follows you like bees follow nectar. Even the manifestation of thoughts becomes so fast that you have to only think and the thought materializes. BUT…to disappoint you all, the situation at this point of time becomes like, ‘water, water everywhere not a drop to drink’.


If you collect wealth, it breeds disease in the body for wealth is like prana which when collected and stored, rots. Or like water, which if stored rots. Sexual indulgence results in phenomenal loss of prana and for that momentary gratification you end up losing phenomenal energy that goes into your partner. So you can imagine if you have multiple partners and are indulging, what would become of you…Regarding manifestation of thoughts and desires, if you start desiring physical assets for yourself, yes, you will get them, but you will lose your siddhis.

Fortunately/unfortunately, this is the way yog is designed, for yog is a path to leave what you accumulated over so many births and centuries. It is NOT a tool to grab more of everything in the physical. This also explains why the tridevas, who have access to every physical pleasure possible, do not do anything for themselves. Out of thousands of stories about them, not a single one talks of them doing anything for themselves. Everything they do is for creation and that is the path of a yog guru as well.

The phenomenal pleasure experienced through pure yog like Sanatan Kriya is beyond the comprehension of a normal mind. It can only be experienced. Every day a new high…


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