Dog is man’s best friend, indeed


When the bhaav (thought) is right, miracles do happen.

Arti Singh is a young woman, living in a modest house on Becharam Chaterjee road, Behala South, Kolkata, who does massage to earn her living. She had a hard life – no money and an alcoholic for a husband. I encouraged her to start feeding dogs in her locality, as a service to Creation and offered financial assistance for the same.


The dogs she fed made her home their home. Her neighbour sells liquor and all men from the neighbourhood, including her husband, would go there for a drink. The dogs would bark at drunken men which would make the men angry. All of them threatened Arti to stop feeding the dogs or else they would kill them, while her husband would beat her often after returning home drunk.

Arti told me about this, I told her to continue and have faith in the energy of the Guru. She listened to me and despite the threats, continued feeding the dogs. One day, the neighbour who sells liquor, tried to poison the dogs. Arti saved them.

After that the inexplicable happened. There was an overnight transformation in the neighbour who closed her liquor shop and started selling flowers for offerings at temples! Her husband stopped beating her and the entire neighbourhood took to feeding stray dogs.

In fact, her work has picked up so well that she has now told me that she doesn’t want to take money from me but will feed the dogs from her own funds. She feels blessed and has kept a picture of Yogi Ashwiniji in her house.

As Yogiji says, “Karma Pradhan hain, there is nothing more powerful than karma.”

Anjali Burman

Anjali Burman

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