Yogsutras of Patanjali


2.6 Patanjali now describes asmita,

Drik: Atma, seer
Darshan: Buddhi, discernment
Shaktayoh: Shakti
Ekaatmat: To perceive as same
Ev: Only (is)
Asmita: Ego
To take the buddhi or intellect and the soul to be the same is ego.
Soul is purush or consciousness and intellect is prakriti or the elements. Owing to avidya, the being is unable to distinguish the two and identifies itself with buddhi, which is limited and nashvar. This is called ego. Under influence of ego, one attaches him/herself to the elements, which are temporary and experiences pain and suffering, maya. ‘My-I-aham-asmita-ahamkar’ separates us from the final reality which we actually are.


2.7 Patanjali now describes raag,
Sukaanushayee raagah

Sukha: Pleasure
Anushayee: Follower
Raagah: Raag
Attachment to pleasure is raag.
Every pleasure is temporary, it comes with an expiry date and that date is decided the day you get that pleasure. Think about it, whatever makes you happy – your job or assets or relationship or power and position in the society – will it last you forever? Even the body will leave you as will the senses that experience the pleasures. It is the attachment to the pleasures, which brings in pain when they leave you. Patanjali calls this cause of suffering raag.

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