Yogsutras of Patanjali 2.22: Sadhana Paad, Yogsutras


In the previous sutra, Patanjali expressed how drishya is for the soul, so then what happens to the drishya, once soul experiences it?

Krtaartham prati nashtam api anashtam


tadanya sadharanatvat

krtaartham: one for whom experience of the drishya is complete

prati: for

nashtam: ceases to exist, destroys

api: although

anashtam: not destroyed

tat: that

anya: to others

sadharanatvat: on account of being common. Although it (drishya) ceases to exist for that who has had its experience, it exists for others on account of being common to all.

Drishya, which is prakriti or the five elements is temporary for an individual, its existence decided by the individuals thought, desire or state of being. However, since prakriti, on its own is indestructible and forever present and is common to all the individuals and it continues to exist for others who are yet to experience it or are desirous of it.

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