YogSutra Of Patanjali – Sadhan Paad


Patanjali calls avidya the root of other kleshas,

Avidya kshetramuttareshaam prasuptatanuvichchinnodaaranaam



Avidya: Falsehood

Kshetram: Field, basis

Uttareshaam: For others (other kleshas)

Prasupta: Latent

Tanu: Subsided

Vicchchinn: Dampened

Udaar: Aroused

Avidya is the field for other (kleshas) to become latent, subside, aggravate and ameliorate

Prasupt is the state when a klesh is latent or hidden. It is there, but inactive at the present moment.

Tanu is the state when the acting agent of the klesh has been reduced significantly through yogic practices.

Vichhchhin is the state where a klesh goes to the background and is not dominant owing to udaar state of another klesha.

Udaar is the state when a klesha is in full force and active.

The four kleshas of raag, dvesha, asmita and abhinivesh undergo the above-mentioned four stages owing to the existence of avidya, which is the root of all other kleshas.

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