Prophecy of Muni Agastya


Creation is a sum total of positive (devik) and negative (asurik) forces, the former aid the process of creation and latter cause destruction, both are necessary for the movement of Creation. Every individual in being the microcosm of Creation has aspects of both positivity and negativity at all times; it is the level of negativity which decides whether the person is asurik or devik. Silence, stillness, stability and peace are properties of devik forces. Anger, jealousy, hyperactivity, resentment are indicative of possession of asurik forces and pave way for destruction of the body and devolution of soul.

History abounds with examples of asurs who disrupted acts of positivity, interfered in yagyas, killed innocent beings, destroyed resources of the earth. Devik forces on the other hand, were inclined towards spirituality, took to meditation, penance, yagyas and other acts of protecting creation. Let us look at one such incidence from the Vanparva of Mahabharata.


Many thousand years ago, asur Vrittasura grew in might and power and, with the help of Kalakeyas, began harassing the devs and beings on earth. The lord of devas, Lord Indra then with the sacrifice of Rishi Dadhichi acquired the vajra to annihilate Vrittasura. Seeing the fall of the invincible Vrittasura, the Kalakeyas were frightened and hid themselves in the ocean. They would come out of the hideout at night and kill noble men and destroy ashrams. Once again, Lord Indra approached a sage, this time Muni Agastya for protection. Muni Agastya accepted their request and neared the ocean accompanied by hermits and devas. As all watched, Muni Agastya with his yog bal and shakti, brought the great ocean in his palms and drank it all up, exposing the asurs.  While a large number of these asurs were killed by devas, many took refuge in the Paataal loka (the nether world).

Whenever asurik forces dominate over devik forces, there is devolution. When the reverse happens there is growth and evolution. The dominance of these forces decides the characteristics of a yuga, the beings that inhabit the earth in that time span, the condition of humanity and of dharma. When Muni Agastya drank the ocean, at that time, he prophesised that these asurs will resurface again on earth in kaliyug…

We are now in kaliyug and if you look around, you will find the prophecy of Muni Agastya coming true. Just open the newspaper in the morning, you will find innumerable incidences of crime, theft, treachery, exploitation, deceit, corruption, rapes, killing of animals, destruction of forests, increasing levels of pollution, deteriorating condition of our planet. Or just walk out on the road, if your lungs can withstand the toxicity in the air, you will see cows feeding on plastic and garbage, strays being run down by cars, people spitting on the road, shopkeepers selling spurious products. The world today is brimming with asurs…and asuric vritti predominates the men of today.

Hyperactivity, rage, anger, intoxication, selfish thought patterns, staying awake at night, dancing to noise (often termed as music) are all traits of nisachars, of asurs…In today’s time even if someone tries to walk the devik path there are enough asurs to pull him/her down. In every house, there will be at least one hyperactive person who will create a scene if a family member does meditation or performs a yagya.

At Dhyan Ashram the yagyas that are done are smokeless with divine manifestations. However, today, if you do one at home, don’t be surprised if your neighbours call it black magic. Positive acts (or positivity) disturb negative people and they try all means possible to stop them. At times, such people don’t even understand what or why they behave in that manner, it is actually the asuric vritti that takes predominance at the time. While if you are at a party, the same asurs will be happy to share a drink with you and insist you stay a little while more. Kaliyug began with the end of the Mahabharat era, and it is documented that kaliyug requested Raja Parikshit to give it shelter in money, wine and women (sexual pleasure)…just look around, that is what rules the minds of today, and to the extent that rave parties are organised even in the name of spirituality where people immerse themselves in intoxications claiming to elevate consciousness. The people who misguide masses into such false notions of spiritual evolution, are the same asurs who hid themselves in the Paataal loka at the time of Muni Agastya and have resurfaced once again, as the time is conducive to their energy patterns.

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TIW Bureau

One thought on “Prophecy of Muni Agastya

  1. Really. Please put some sensible person to write things on this website. It means those who party at nights are aasuras? Really. It means those who don’t who don’t must be Devatas, all of them? But wait, I know tons of incidents when real mythological Devtas used their power to molest someone.

    I mean, we should respect everybody as Bura jo dekhn main gaya, mujhse bura na koi. We constantly try to fix the regulations on the society and then we take charge or what one should do and one should not. How should one wear etc? But wait we are the one who gave Kamasutra, but we are also the one who does not want to talk about it at schools or at any public platform.

    I mean why we people are so judgemental. Pathetic and utter nonsense.

    On the other hand, to maintain Law and order in a society you need strong governance who can take strict actions. But we always say that where humanity has reached etc. We need to be more practical and start working on real aspects. Hradya parivartan ka na time hai na usse kuch hone wala. As you said, you can not guarantee good actions from everybody, so the time to act, and act now.

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