Vol 4 Issue 12 – Overview

Guru Speak
One should not be in a hurry to make a Guru and should be absolutely sure when he does make one, basing the faith on experiences he has had.
Straight from the Anahad
The Journey of the Spirit by Yogi Ashwini

There are three main kinds of people in the world, since the time of Satyug. Their numbers may change, but the categories are three only.
One, the Guru, he/she is away from the influence of maya, ready to help whoever needs help, always fighting for the weak. Two, the unsure ones, they try to copy spiritual people and cheat many in the process.Three, the common people, they are honest to themselves. They might be kings or peasants or rich or poor, inconsequential, they know they want to be here and enjoy the avidya of the world. Read more

TIW Traveller – Gangayatra: Gaumukh-Tapovan-Nandanvan

According to Ramayana, King Bhagirath performed severe penance for over thousand years and earned a boon from Lord Brahma to bring Devi Ganga on earth to facilitate the release of his cursed ancestors. The force and volume of Ganga could not have been borne by earth, and so King Bhagirath propitiated Lord Shiv for help. Lord Shiv then held Ganga in his locks, from where she is believed to flow on earth till date with a gentler flow. Read more

Ayurveda – Teas for Health

In this series we are looking at various tonics, which can be made from easily available natural herbs that help in maintaining the balance in our energy body vis-a-vis the physical self, in the form of teas.A very effective tea for respiratory allergies that Dhyan Foundation practitioners use is a mixture of herbs found in our kitchens… Read more

Healing Prana – Food: Green

Green is the most abundant colour in nature. Green colour in its entire spectrum from dark green to the lightest shades [as whitish green, as discussed in colour pranas] is the primary colour in the pranic dimension for cleaning and dispelling negativity.The foods which are green in colour generally are cleansing, carminative and clearing agents. The lighter the shade of green the more potent the property and vice versa.Read more