Pudina Chai Recipee And Health Benefits


Pudina or mint has been used in Indian kitchens since time immemorial. You will find it in hari chutney, in aam panna, chhachh, raita, etc. Known to help pacify all the three doshas, pudina is extremely effective in balancing an aggravated pitt. Hence it makes for a great cooler and refresher in summers, and is excellent for digestion.

Pudina chai (mint tea) has been a favourite amongst tea drinkers around the globe. In addition to being flavourful, it comes with a large number of benefits. Not only does it help to relieve stomach problems but it also boosts the immune system. Known to relieve nausea, fever and cough, it also lets off stress, relieves menstrual cramps and reduces bad breath.


The following recipe can be used to brew a fresh mint tea. Take 15 fresh leaves of the mint, wash them properly and put them in a cup. Pour boiling water and leave the cup covered for five minutes. This tea should be had after meals. It aids the digestive system in fighting against toxins which may have been ingested in the food. Mint tea is also known to be effective against irritable bowel syndrome. This tea should never be reheated.


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