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In Ayurveda, two conditions, known as Ardhaavabheda (half-sided headache) and Anantavaata (meaning literally the unilateral pain) resemble the classic migraine. It can be triggered by large number of factors such as anger, frustration, depression, conflict, indigestion, a particular food and even weather. Some blood pressure or asthma medicines can also cause migraine. You will have to observe for yourself as to what triggers your migraine. Whatever the reason, in most cases of migraine, it’s the aggravated pitta dosha that is at the root of the problem. Pitta dosha impairs digestion and the ama produced by this gets stored in the manovah strotras (mind channels) and causes migraine.

To avoid migraines, avoid excesses of any kind. Your lifestyle should reflect ‘ati sarvatra varjayeth’ or moderation in all things. Avoid quick fix painkillers because they aggravate the problem and once their effect wears off the frequency of headaches starts to increase plus then you don’t look for its triggers and get caught in a vicious cycle of pain and pills. Instead, for some quick relief lie down quietly in a dark room and put an ice pack on your neck and/or forehead and temples. You can also crush some ginger and apply its paste on your forehead.


For some more relief take the extract of the juice of giloy (tinospora cordifolia) and have it with 1tsp of honey. Otherwise take three grams of coriander seeds, five grams of lavender flowers, five seeds of black pepper, and five almonds. Make sure you soak the almonds overnight in water and remove the skin before preparing the paste. Grind with water, sieve, and take before sunrise.

Doing Nadi Shodhan Pranayama will definitely reduce the frequency of your headaches. Taad asan, Nauka asan, Sarp asan and Bhujang asan are some asans that will help. Forward and backward bending asans should not be done as they increase pitta and the blood flow to the head.


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