Drink These Teas For Good Health


The body’s immune system and capacity for regeneration are its primary mechanisms for fighting off infections and preserving itself. A strong body has the ability to harness fresh prana from the environment and ward off psychosomatic and physical problems. Our body is part of nature and keeping it in rhythm with nature by ingesting natural products ensures a disease-free and strong system. Modern medicine works like a suppressant and confuses the brain. Such medicines should be used only in emergencies or when the doctor prescribes them, for short periods only. Intake of chemicals, whether in food or medicine should be treated with great caution. The reason why yoga practitioners rarely fall sick or get depressed is because they use natural products to correct the imbalances in their bodies.

Since ancient times, rishis have used various kinds of teas for rejuvenation. Given below is the recipe of one such herbal tea.


Herbal tea: Effective against respiratory allergies, this tea is brewed using a mixture of herbs. Take 250 gm of green tea leaves, 50 gm Banapsha, 25 gm Mulethi (licorice), 12.5 gm black pepper, 12.5 gm cinnamon, 25 gm green tulsi leaves, 12.5 gm saunth (dry ginger powder). Mix all the ingredients in a copper or earthen utensil and ensure that there is no concentration of a specific herb in one part of the concoction. Stir well to make sure that the mixture is evenly distributed. Then store it in a glass jar. Take one teaspoon of this mixture in a ceramic or glass cup and pour hot water in it. Cover and let the tea brew for 5 minutes. Sip without sugar or milk. This mixture remains potent for up to 60 days.

It’s important to note that herbal teas should not be confused as substitutes for medicines. It is advisable to have your constitution evaluated when you choose to follow an Ayurvedic treatment for your problem. These teas do not serve as a treatment to an ailment if taken in isolation but complement all forms of treatments and medical advice.


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