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Intimate, serene, calm, energising and healing—a meditation room is all that and more. So, when it comes to designing the space, ensure that it reflects your needs and preferences. After all, when you walk into the room you should immediately feel a difference in the energies. As for its location, a meditation room can be inside your home, on a porch or in the garden.

According to vaastu shastra, a prayer or meditation room should be in the north-east corner of the house, as this side is governed by Eeshwar. This direction promises to bring in happiness, prosperity, health, wealth and peace of mind. Ideally, you should face east or west while praying. It is best that the deities or pictures of the deities should face either east or west, and should not face north or south. It is best that the deities face west and the worshippers face east.


The agni kund should be in the southeast direction of the worship room. The sacred offerings to the fire should be made with the face towards the east. Toilets should never be above, below or even adjacent to the place of worship. The room design you choose will reflect the energies that you want to create. Everything is a form of energy. What you emanate out into the world is what you will attract. A meditation room design should be simple and free from clutter. Consider for a moment how you feel in a messy and dirty space. Then consider how you feel in a room that is neat, tidy and clean. Now take those two feelings and compare them. White, light yellow or light blue are good colours for a temple room.

If you plan to paint your meditation room, you can opt for special low-emission paints or organic paint that will minimise the release of fumes and chemicals into the space where you will meditate.

For the flooring, you can go for white or light yellow marble work. Wooden flooring is also considered a good option for doing yoga. Preference of the amount of light differs from person to person. Some people may find dark rooms more peaceful while others may find them too sleepy. Still others may prefer lots of natural light and fresh air to keep you alert and a plain room painted in muted colours and decorated with subdued elements. As per vaastu, a well ventilated space that gets ample natural light is ideal.

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