Which Colour Do You Want? [Holi Special]


Come Holi and we all rush to the market to buy rang and gulal to bless our loved ones. Here are some other things that we gift them during Holi:

Green colour is obtained from copper sulphate. Contact with skin can result in itching or eczema. Copper sulphate is known to cause diarrhoea and also adversely affect the nervous system


Purple colour is obtained from chromium iodide. It can cause skin irritation. Inhaling affects the mucous membrane and respiratory tracts. Long-term effect can cause dermatitis

Silver is obtained from aluminium bromide. On coming in contact with the skin, it leads to severe burns. Inhaling causes shortness of breath

Black colour contains lead oxide and accumulates in the leg tissue

Red is obtained from mercury sulphide and it can even cause skin cancer

Dermatologists point out that these toxic substances don’t wash away easily and get mixed in drains and the sewage system and pollute water bodies and the soil at the same time. Some people even use things like mud, grease, enamel paint, rotten eggs, etc. which lead to pigmentation and rashes.

Rima Anand

Rima Anand

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