Killers in your kitchen


Adulterated with pesticides, coffee-flavored mud, starch, powdered tamarind, dates or tendu seeds and can lead to diarrhea, stomach disorders, antibiotic resistance, kidney or nerve damage and even cancer.
May contain preservatives, beet sugar, artificial colour additives banned in several countries. Some of these adulterants are highly carcinogenic.
Iron fillings, coal tar dye, sawdust and sand are among the most commonly used adulterants. These can cause problems like liver disorders, skin and lung cancer and even colon cancer.
Full of antibiotics and steroids (injected in cows), oxytocin, boric acid and preservatives like formalin. These can lead to any problem possibly imagined by man.
Edible Oil and Ghee
Contains mineral oil, castor oil, vanaspati and animal fat. These can cause high levels of blood toxicity, cancer and even death.
Bottled Water
Tested samples have been found to contain chemicals like bromates and even traces of cyanide. Needless to say, these can be deadly.

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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