Redefining Academic Curriculum


From the boundary-less natural environs where learning had no bounds to the four walls of a classroom that restrict the minds to textbook thinking, from the era where Gurumukh was the ‘Google’, the Guru-shishya parampara has been replaced by the complex web of invisible rays that mould the young inquisitive minds into non-enterprising and dull adults who are as stuck up as our school curriculum.

Today, each one sitting in the classroom secretly wishes that if somehow they could get the notes photocopied from someone else, they could be spending their time doing something else. Had the attendance not been compulsory, perhaps we would never show up for classes. The only question posed to the teacher is whether the lesson she teaches will come in the exam or not. If yes, it is memorised the night before exam to pass, if not, it is thrown out of the window as paper planes.


Is our contemporary education system developing dynamic individuals or merely churning out robots to fit into the stagnating 9 to 5 routine? The need of the hour is for the academicians and industry professionals to come together and design a paradigm that equips the young, physically, mentally and emotionally, to face the changing needs of the unpredictable world with zeal and exuberance. Given the kind of men who lived thousand years back and their phenomenal abilities, I guess some lessons from our ancestors would not hurt!


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