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Owning a pet dog is one of the most enriching and pleasing experiences of life. Till you don’t have one you don’t feel that. And when you do not feel that then so much can be missed. They are a never ending source of delight and pleasure. Pets can change your life significantly. They work like a secret medicine slowly and steadily uplifting your mood and lifestyle. They have a huge impact on our day-to-day life.

Well, that does not mean that you make a mad dash to the nearest pet shop. But when you have one you cannot just ignore them. Because, they become your responsibility. We often hear a dog found near so and so place, responds to so and so name, very friendly and docile, seems to be a lost one. Wonder how the dog would be feeling without his owner. For them you are their knight in shining armour. When they love you they depend completely on you. You are happy they are happy and when you are sad they are sad too, without their own reason. Hence the responsibility to support a pet becomes higher and prime most point.


Few directives before you get a pet:

  • You must be able to give significant time to your pet. They deserve it. The level of dedication and care reflects on the pet and its relationship with you. They give you their whole life. And in return they need proper nurturing, care and petting. Be it any breed the feeling is same. The way they welcome you home is awesome and surely brings a smile even to those who hate them.
  • You need to understand them because they understand you so well. Each one has a unique way to communicate with the owner. And this is the language that only a pet and the owner understand. That’s the emotional link between you and your pet. It is same with all pet and their owners yet it is unique and different.
  • When you are compassionate towards pets, your bonding with nature increases. You are kind to other animals also. A great reason for all parents to have pets. This makes children more caring and gentle. We have heard many stories where pets provide constant companionship to kids. The best thing is to bring home a homeless and teach your kid why.
  • Do not make your pet a backyard animal. They strive on companionship. Keep your pets up-to-date with all vaccinations. Don’t leave them alone in the car. Always keep fresh water in a clean bowl.
  • Make your home pet safe. Keep them away from pesticides, medications, household cleaners and from some house plants like dieffenbachia, philodendron, hyacinth and mistletoe. Let your pet run loose. Freedom is not a privilege that only humans enjoy; it’s a basic right to all life.
  • Keep your pets clean. Wash their feet when they come back from a walk. Give them a proper combing and medicines for their hair loss. Brush their teeth twice a day. Avoid food littering at home. Mop your floor clean twice a day. Disinfect the floor with any herbal antiseptic solution. Don’t let them mingle with the street animals. And provide them with proper medical care when bitten by them.

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