Nature’s Way To Anti-Ageing


It is not a quest for longevity anymore. Majority of us just want to look like a model or a film star at any cost. Be it a 14 year old or a 60 plus. We just want to slim down, cover up the dark circles, eye bags, complexion, wrinkles, excess baggage…Bodies exhumed and turned into plastic beauties.

Is it really so hard to look beautiful naturally? Has the cosmetic world completely shadowed our world and narrowed our vision to see beauty in such an artificial light? What was it that men and women of yesteryears have that we don’t? They were definitely more radiant, strong and lived longer without medicines, supplements & supports, than the youth today.


Reality is what we see in the mirror everyday when we wake up, without paint brush or air brush. Real is nature and nature is beautiful.

Nature is complete, with the ability to survive, revive, heal and rejoice in its abundance.

Earth provides us with all possibilities, it is up to us whether we pick calcium, magnesium, iron, proteins, anti-oxidants, probiotics, antibiotics etc. from the next drug store with labels and tags of warnings and disclaimers or we switch to Mother nature and derive infinite benefits in their pristine forms without the side effects & warnings and earn long lasting reward points.

Just eating ‘right’, exercising, supplementing is not enough. You have to strike the right balance. And balance is, understanding ourselves in our unique existence, each one different with unique requirements.

One has to analyze oneself and not listen to any doctor, philosopher, nutritionist, friend or family to know how his/her body is behaving and performing. Do you wake up fresh? Do you sleep well? Is your body signaling a pain, discomfort, sluggishness indicating it needs attention? Are you listening to your body’s calls or are you just out to perform and prove yourself with resistance? Are you unable to follow natural rhythms and routines, do you feel exhausted by the end of the day or do you feel depressed, pressurized, discontent every other day?

If you feel any of these symptoms routinely, you need to sit back and realize, you are going against nature. And you are losing prana, or vital energy from your body which is taking you towards ageing and disease. If you go on ignoring these signals or suppress them with artificial aids/medicines, you may have to pay a heavier price later.

We have a limited reserve of prana, “the life force” in our bodies. This prana slowly depletes from our bodies with our metabolic and biological functioning, which takes us towards ageing and in case of faster or sudden depletion, disease or fatality. The key to natural health, well-being and slow ageing is to conserve prana and make it last longer.

Our bodies derive prana from a lot of natural resources and ONLY natural resources. Breath being the primary, followed by food, water, pure air, elements of nature which exist in the form of nourishing minerals and compounds in herbs, plants, fruits and other biological-animal sources. They are also found in natural salts, clays, metal compounds found in volcanoes, sea beds, mountains, springs, deserts. Earth provides all things necessary for a healthy living. But it’s not about just taking in all the time. Just as you need to exhale to inhale, you need to throw out the contamination and wastes to receive and utilize the benefits of nutrients. Accumulation of any kind is against nature, and prana, which is accumulated, is also bad for the body. Life is a flow, and so it shall be maintained.

The next few articles in this series will describe how to utilize nature’s abundant resources to maintain a healthy flow and achieve a lasting natural, youthful and resilient body.

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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