Here’s a look at a few interesting gems. However, we must remember they are not an answer to all our woes. In fact many gems carry hidden curses and problems. Remember, they are not a quick-fix solution and one must always proceed with caution before purchasing or buying one.

Emerald (Panna)


increases intelligence and brain power. It improves fickle mindedness, stammering, loss of memory and fear from spirits. It also improves eyesight. It should be worn on the fourth finger, little finger of right hand in gold. It should be of four to six carats. It should be worn on Wednesday two hours after sunrise.

Mantra: Aum bum budhaya namah (9 times)

Topaz (Pukhraj)

is used to increase success in life, wealth, prosperity, life security and removes misfortune in life. It should be of five to nine carat worn in gold in first finger of right hand on Thursday one hour before sunset.

 Mantra: Aum brim brihaspataya namah ( 19 times)

Diamond  (Hira)

removes evil and fearful thoughts and blesses the native with comforts. It should be worn in the third or first finger of right hand on Friday in gold or platinum in one fourth or half carats

Mantra: Aum shum shukraya namah (16 times)

Sapphire (Neelam)

removes the evil effect of Saturn. It should be definitely tested on body before use. It brings wealth, name and fame, longevity and security in life. It should be used in second finger of right hand on Saturday in gold or panch dhatu and weight should be five to seven carats. It should be worn on Saturday two hours forty minutes before sunset.

Mantra: Aum sham shanicharaya namah (23 times)

Gomed (Hessonite)

cures the diseases of Rahu and Saturn. It increases appetite, vitality, confers good health. It should be used in silver on Saturday two hours after sunset in second finger of right hand and should be in five to seven carats.

Mantra: Aum ram rahave namah (18 times)

Note:  Applications of jewels for increasing psychic powers should not be resorted to by persons of sinful character. The views expressed are solely by the author The Inner World does not propagate superstition.

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