Diamonds Are Forever – The Truth


A diamond is considered to be the perfect gift for that special someone. Being the hardest material known to mankind, it goes on for a very long time, just like you hope your relationship would. But, there is more to a diamond. If a diamond could speak (and it does speak), it would tell you about its journey since the beginning of time…And why must you listen to a diamond? Because what it has to say has a profound effect on your life and situation.

Your diamond is carbon. That carbon was once an animal or a plant or a human being that went through the myriad ups and downs in life. It witnessed death and was returned to earth and withstood the vagaries of environment as a fossil. This fossil was then subjected to conditions of very high temperature and pressure and its entire life spanning few thousand million years was condensed into a sparkling stone deep inside the earth, brought back to the surface with a volcanic eruption.


This sparkling stone then made it to a jeweler who sold it to rich customers on a happy occasion. Everything is not constant. What goes up comes down and vice versa. Happy times lead to tough times. In happier times you buy a diamond, in tough times you sell it. Selling times carry the energy of the moment, which is normally grief. Diamonds are also the ones that are taken first in loot, India being the land of foreign invasions. The loots leave behind the impression of aggression, violence and exploitation.

As that diamond dazzles on your hand, along with its weight in carats, it also carries the weight of a spectrum of emotions, experiences, sense of belonging and longing, heaviness and suffering that it has collected over the years. When you made it your own, you also became the bearer of all that is compressed within it. A diamond is a perfect example of the principles of nature and the laws that govern it. Every pleasure has an associated pain; every indulgence comes at a price…

Just hold your diamond close to the ear; you will hear a specific sound emitted by the stone. A yogic practitioner will be able to tell you whether that sound matches your own sound (yes, you too have a sound) or not. If it does, great. If it does not and if you still must have it then soak the stone in a mixture of sea-salt and water every night before sleeping. Sea-salt absorbs the negative and heavy prana from the diamond and this will have an immediate effect on your home and environment.


Niti Jain

Niti Jain

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