Why Violet Is Vital For You


Prana interpenetrates all aspects of Creation and divides itself into various frequencies, resulting in all aspects of manifested Creation, which can also be called the physical world. To a clairvoyant, the manifested world looks like a reflection of various colours and shades. From this higher form of colours, we can do any changes in the physical world or lower form.

Violet and its spectrum consisting of lilac, purple, mauve and so on is one of the higher colours and is mostly found in abundance in the auras of higher souls. Normal people have only traces of this very vital prana. In the science of energy healing, it is only a rare few who have an abundant store of and are able to channelize this very vital force. Higher practices of Sanatan Kriya can manifest this ability in a sadhak.


The higher metabolic functions of the body are directly or indirectly dependent on this spectrum. Reduction of this prana results in serious ailments of the blood and brain. Foods which have this colour prana are not so abundant in nature and are limited to maybe under a dozen.

Some of the important foods, which have this prana, include periwinkle (sadabahar), a very light purple coloured flower. This prana aids in normalizing the sugar content of the blood. An infusion in hot water can be had, some people eat it directly but this effect has had no direct study done on it. It is also used as a brain and mental tension relieving tonic.

Indian Beech (Karang) is lilac in colour and is a commonly known remedy for, again, balancing the sugar content of the blood. Steeping five to ten flowers in hot water and having it as a tea is a common home remedy for high blood sugar.

Water lily (Neel kamal), a bluish purple flower, again, when had as an infusion is a potent anti-diabetic tonic. The decoction relieves palpitation of the heart, biliousness, vomiting and giddiness. The seeds can be had as dried powder, steeped in hot water and taken as tea.

Coming to the world of fruits, we give here a commonly used remedy for diabetes.

Dry, powder and store the seeds of jamun in a glass bottle. Take approximately four to five grams of this powder with warm water at least five times in twenty-four hours. After three to four months of regular usage, a marked reduction in sugar levels is observed. Eating jamun fruit in season has a rejuvenating effect on mental faculties and is anti-diabetic.

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