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Prana interpenetrates all aspects of Creation and divides itself into various frequencies, resulting in all aspects of manifested Creation, which can also be called the physical world. To a clairvoyant, the manifested world looks like a reflection of various colours and shades. From this higher form of colours, we can do any changes in the physical world or lower form.

In the previous issue we discussed the properties of orange. Now let’s look at the next colour, Kesari or Saffron, as it is popularly known. Saffron is not so abundant in nature as the other colours. There are not many foods that have this very unique prana. This is so because most of the normal day-to-day functions do not require this highly potent and rare energy, this form of prana is not the requirement of the majority of beings.


It is common knowledge that Lord Hanuman is considered as pure and unsurpassed energy and he is also called Kesari. It is also not a coincidence that Lord Hanuman is the presiding Deity of the Manipoorak chakra (located at the navel area), the colour of this chakra is Kesari (saffron) and the beej mantra is Ram .The mantra healing techniques use Ram as the chant to effectuate the energy body. There is a specific way to produce the dhwani of Ram. The whole body reverberates with energy when it is chanted in the right way.

Spiritual healers use Saffron prana to energise areas in the energy body which are degenerating and require an immediate dose of pure energy, needless to say that such healers who have the capacity to channelize Saffron are also very rare. Higher practice of Sanatan Kriya can manifest this ability in you.

As the Manipooraka chakra is the direct controller of the sense of sight, so Saffron in mild doses is used for improving eyesight. Its use is limited in the Ayurvedic system, but is used freely in the Unani and Chinese systems, both mainly for rejuvenating the stomach.

It is safe to depend on the food kingdom for this kind of prana. Saffron is the only food, which has this colour prana. A pinch of saffron with cow’s milk is a rejuvenating tonic. A word of caution here, taking more than one teaspoon of pure saffron in a week can be damaging to the kidneys and liver. It can cause kidney failure, which is why nature has been so cautious in giving us this Saffron prana.

Take two tablespoon of almond and two tablespoon of semolina with two teaspoon of saffron, make a fine powder and mix with cow milk. Make small tablets and dry them. Store these in a glass container. Mix one tablet with fresh cream and massage over the face. Completely avoid soap and people will start commenting on your radiance. If you wish to get this ready made, then you may request Dhyan Foundation/ Desi Cow Dairy.

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