Suffering from the monthly traumatic menstrual cramps? This may help!


Regular intake of aloe vera helps regularise your menstrual cycle. The Sanskrit name for aloe is ‘ghrit kumari’. Kumari is young girl. It is used in many Ayurvedic and herbal preparations to treat menstrual disorders. Its healing properties have been recognised by the Greeks, Egyptians and now by all Naturopathy schools in the world.

Dosage: 2tbsp-6tbsp a day is tonic for everyone. Can be continued lifelong.


How to Use: It can either be consumed internally and its flesh can also be applied externally. The best way is to take out the flesh from the fresh leaves.

Regular intake of aloe vera juice also repairs damage in the digestive tract, preventing ulcers and healing any damages. It is said Cleopatra maintained her beauty and youthful looks using aloe vera juice.

Precaution: Not many people are aware that aloe is a laxative if eaten with its yellow sap. To avoid that, the leaf has to be cut from the base and kept in a pot of water for a couple of hours to let the yellow sap flow out. You can then wash and peel it to get the flesh.

Before consumption, it must be ensured that aloe vera is grown without use of chemicals and nourished by desi cow dung.

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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