Soak In Sun’s Healing Power


We absorb prana from everything we come in contact with. One such strong source of prana is Surya, says Yogi Ashwiniji

We absorb prana from everything we come in contact with. We draw prana from the ground we stand on, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we bathe in — practically everything. One such very strong source of prana is Surya (sun). This is the most potent form of prana and has a great significance in Spiritual Healing. Last time, we discussed the effect of Surya Prana on water kept in green and blue coloured bottles, now we move on to its effect on water kept in orange and red bottles.


We are aware that prana (the life force) vibrating at different frequencies is seen as different colours, each having its own property. Prana of different frequencies are needed from time to time to keep our bodies in balance. Water in orange and red coloured glass bottles, when kept in the sun for some time, has a therapeutic effect.

Orange Prana: Take an orange glass bottle filled with fresh water and keep it in the sun for one to two hours so that it absorbs Surya Prana. If an orange bottle is not available, you can wrap a plain bottle in orange cellophane. The bottle’s colour determines the frequency of prana passing through it. Thus, the prana filtering through an orange bottle will have the properties of orange colour. Drinking this water on a regular basis would help cure severe constipation as it dissipates and expels heavy and blocked prana, which is also the property of orange colour.

Red Prana: Similarly, water in a red coloured bottle absorbs the properties of red colour — the most important being that of strength — after being kept in the sun. Keep a red or a transparent bottle, covered in red cellophane paper, filled with water in the sunlight for one to two hours. Drinking this water, which has absorbed Surya Prana, acts as a health tonic and is extremely effective for those suffering from fatigue, tiredness and weakness. It has a rejuvenating effect and brings back lost strength.

Easiest way to get Sun’s prana is to do samyam on surya.

Rima Anand

Rima Anand

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