Nourishing Rasa Dhatu


Ayurveda lays more emphasis on prevention than on cure. A person falls prey to various kinds of diseases if ignoring the body constitution, he/she over indulges, under utilises or stops exercising the senses and their desires. Excessive nourishment also blocks the channels through which prana flows and results in an imbalance and causes disease. In either case there is no replenishment to dhatus and the body’s ability to fight infection and other harmful external influences decreases and disease manifests.

Rasa dhatu is the most important of body fluids and provides nourishment to every part of the body by circulating through various channels to provide essential nutrients required for healthy functioning of all systems and organs. It also nourishes the remaining six dhatus in the body. Rasa dhatu gets nourished by herbs or preparations, which are in the Rasayana category of various ayurvedic preparations.


Shatavri is an excellent tonic, especially for women. It is available at various health stores in dried form. It is recommended to buy the dried form and pound it in mortar and pestle. Any dry powdered herb or churan should be discarded after six months as a general rule, as it loses its efficacy after six months.  Cook one tsp shatavari, one dry date, half tsp dry ginger and one cup milk over low flame. When it cools down add one tsp honey to the preparation. Remember honey should never be heated as it produces toxins when heated. People with excess pitta may reduce the quantity of ginger. This preparation helps in nourishing the female reproductive organs.

For optimal utilisation and absorption of any food or ayurvedic preparation, the digestive organs should be in healthy condition. To strengthen the mucous membrane of the stomach, a mixture one tsp licorice, one tbsp honey and a few leaves of tulsi can be ground into a paste and taken with warm water. Licorice is not recommended for people with heart ailments and especially high blood pressure.

It is advised that before taking any ayurvedic treatment, you get yourself evaluated by an expert. 

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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