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One constant issue I’ve faced in the past is severely chapped lips in winters. Having tried all brands of lip balms, I’ve finally found a solution. In this article, I’ll enumerate the various causes of dry lips and offer few natural and effective ways to deal with it.

Due to seasonal changes, dry skin is a common sight in winters; and this dryness extends to the lips too which often tend to crack. While dry, cold weather can cause vata imbalance in the body, which in turn can lead to dry lips, there are various other contributing factors as well:


Most people, who are in the habit of licking their lips, often face peeling and flakiness, as saliva removes moisture from the lips.

Excessive caffeine consumption not only dehydrates the body, but the lips as well. As a result, lips can end up looking dry and dehydrated. This can especially aggravate dryness for those whose water intake is also less.

Another reason for dry, flaky lips is the use of lip balms high on alcohol content. Balms with phenol and menthol chap the lips by removing their natural moisture.

Expired and chemical-containing makeup products can also cause skin allergies, which can lead to redness of lips. Makeup contains traces of lead and nickel that can cause severe skin allergies.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in toothpastes (used to produce lather) has a drying effect on the skin and can therefore lead to dry, chapped lips. If your lips tend to feel dry especially after brushing, then you know it’s the chemicals in the toothpaste that are causing it.

Dietary deficiencies like deficiency of Vitamin A, B and C and riboflavin are also contributing factors.

Lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking are also known to strip the skin of its moisture content, causing cracked lips.

However, care can be taken to ensure that one’s lips remain soft and supple in the harsh cold. Try these simple tips to prevent your lips from chapping:

  • Apply cow’s ghee/organic sesame oil on your navel after a shower. This helps the stomach and the internal organs deal with the harmful effects of vata.
  • Apply cow’s ghee on your lips, instead of chemical laden lip balms. This is the best natural moisturiser for your lips. You can also apply organic almond oil.
  • Aloe Vera has excellent healing properties. In case you experience burning sensation on your lips, apply fresh aloe vera pulp to cure them.
  • To remove the dead, dry skin from lips, massage them with a mixture of sugar and olive oil. This will naturally exfoliate them.
  • The anti-bacterial and moisturising properties of honey work wonders for treating dry, chapped lips.
  • Consume a well-balanced diet. And keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water.

Additionally, I always stick to the best, trusted and reliable beauty products, with Quinta Essentia being my number one preferred brand. Their luscious lip balms enriched with organic butters and vitamins leave your lips feeling soft and moist all through the day.

Nayanika Arora

Nayanika Arora

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