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Recently, I was at a dhyan session where Yogi Ashwini enlightened us, about how whatever we eat, whatever we take inside us, our thinking becomes like that. Look around you; do you see human beings anymore? With the increasing number of criminal incidents, newspapers full of rapes and thefts and the issues that don’t even make it to the news, it is evident that we certainly have deteriorated from what our grandfather’s generation was…But could this just be because of the food we consume?

“When you take in food full of chemicals or the chemical you apply on your skin you become that chemical only. And a chemical is anything which is artificial,” Yogi ji said. He also mentioned about a specific incident where human waste from septic tanks of farm houses was taken and dumped in agriculture fields. “When you eat the vegetables or wheat grown in those farms, you become like that waste product  only.”


It was a wakeup call – to not settle for a concoction of filth and chemicals in the name of food!

It is a known fact that that  the finest of organic spices, pulses, grains etc. that one gets in the western countries are exported from India or the subcontinent; which means that the finest food from India is being exported and what we are left with, in India is mostly substandard. The reason is simple – the domestic market is not yet aware of the importance of food they consume and the need for organic, chemical-free food. We must remember that,

  1. ‘Organic’ is not the latest fad or a cultish behaviour. Observe the changes in your health, digestion, energy levels etc. when you switch to organic. Give organic a fair chance. Not only your body, but your soul will thank you for not eating chemicals and filth.
  2. Broaden your taste platter – When it comes to food, our lives are ruled by our taste buds. The younger generation especially, is slave to processed cheese, pizzas, pastas, aerated drinks and fries etc. They are called ‘junk food’ for a good reason. Introduce your kids to healthier food choices like organic fresh fruit, cow’s milk, salads, nuts, seeds, sprouts, green vegetables etc.
  3. Add more nutrition to your own diet – Our food habits over the generations have deteriorated. Our forefathers had a broad range of grains like millets, jowar, bajra, buckwheat etc. They followed the Ayurvedic principles of eating seasonal vegetables and followed a wholesome diet with enough dairy products like freshly churned butter, buttermilk, milk etc. The net result was longevity, fewer cases of cancer or other ailments and a stronger immune system. Be more aware of your sources of carbohydrates, calcium, protein etc.

Your body is the vehicle to your soul and there is no price high enough to preserve this vehicle.  A basic rule of economics is that demand generates supply. It is therefore necessary to demand good quality, organically grown food to affect a widespread change in the country and our own health.

Dhyan Ashram promotes health and well-being.

Nayanika Arora

Nayanika Arora

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