Kapha: Binding Factor


As we know by now, all bodily diseases arise out of the disturbance of the equilibrium of doshas. Vata, which is of prime importance, constitutes the very life of a being, as it is responsible for all activities of the body. Pitta helps in digestion and metabolism, and Kapha is the promoter of strength in the form of ojas. What ojas is, we will discuss later when we discuss tissue elements of the body.

For now we can understand kapha, also called sleshma, as that which binds the body together. Its qualities are whiteness, coolness, stability, viscosity, heaviness, unctuousness, and delay in manifestation. Chest, neck, head, joints, and stomach are the sites of sleshma.


Kapha prakriti is said to be the best constitution because kapha is the causative factor of the least number of diseases in the body. A kapha-prakriti person has a strong physical body, with strength like that of a bull, fair complexion, heavy and soft hair, a pleasant disposition, is patient, fond of sweets, and is generally, mentally, emotionally, and financially stable. He is compared to Brahma, Shiva, devtas, horse, bull, or swan.

Dominance of kapha is seen in the first part of the day, childhood, winter, and immediately after eating a meal.

The causes of disturbance of kapha are sleeping in the day time, laziness, lack of exercises, and excessive intake of foods which are sweet, sour, saline, oily, and heavy in nature. The diseases caused by kapha are treated with drugs having pungent, bitter, astringent, sharp and hot qualities.

Persons of kapha prakriti are advised not to sleep in the day time as it would result in an increase in the kapha dosha.


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  1. I have chronic constipation and I am prone to skin infections. Please suggest a remedy.
  2. Mix 10 gms of amaltas pulp and 10 gms of tamarind. Soak it overnight. In the morning, mash and sieve them and drink the water. This is also good for pimples and skin diseases as it purifies blood.
  3. My son is prone to throat infections in this season. Although, I do make him gargle regularly he still gets a bad throat.
  4. Boil a small piece of raw turmeric (looks like ginger) and add black salt and gargle with it twice a day.
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