Jogging To Your Grave? Health Tips


Here are a few essential tips to maintaining a healthy body and mind:

1 Do not involve yourself in any physical activity that shoots up your breath rate and heart rate. If that happens then take a break, lie down and take deep abdominal breaths till your breath and heart rate normalize.


2 Myth buster- Most people take to asans (popularly known as yoga) as a healthier way to exercise and lose weight. Let me warn you if you are breathing rapidly and not holding the asans for long periods then that is not yoga. It is as bad as jogging or running on a treadmill. Ideally your breath and heart rate should go down while practicing them.

3 Learning vedic martial arts would not only make you fit but also help you focus you energy with complete control over your breath. This is a much healthier alternative to doing weight lifting in a gym to look macho.

4 Doing asans the correct way under the sanidhya of your Guru where you are able to hold each posture remaining calm and having complete control over your breath will ensure glow and longevity.

5 Vedic cleansing and anti-ageing techniques such as Shatkarmas, Neel Bindu Gyan etc. as detailed in the Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension are an effective tool to achieve a youthful and glowing body without the side-effects of cosmetic surgeries.

6 Try to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season and according to your dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kaphha).  If you can get organic produce, free from pesticides then that is the best.

7 Practice of Sanatan Kriya balances the various layers of body translating as glow, beauty, good health and magnetism.

8 Beware of silent killers like SLS, SLE, sodium benzoate, fluoride, paraben etc. found in most toothpastes, shampoos, creams and soaps. Check the ingredients of everything before buying and avoid these chemicals.

9 Involve yourself in selfless service and charity. Yog identifies hoarding or collection as the root cause of all disease and problems. Keep only as much as you need, distribute the rest. Be compassionate towards people, animals and the environment.

Simrandeep Kaur

Simrandeep Kaur

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