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In the last article we had specified herbs that help in elimination, as before rejuvenation it is essential that wastes first get removed from the body. This ensures that the body is under least pressure from toxins and assimilation of healthy prana is facilitated. The churans and concoctions commonly available in the market should be totally avoided as they contain chemicals, which interfere with the natural peristaltic movements of the intestines. Also the seeds of the already given herbs are toxic and there is no way of knowing whether the preparations from the market are without/with them. The two preparations listed below would ensure clean colon and small intestine and would prove very effective against symptoms of blood toxicity like pimples and other kinds of skin eruptions.

Clean colon induces radiance on the face, which would unfailingly turn heads.


Drinking two glasses of hot water with a little limejuice and old honey, first thing in the morning for a period of three months at a stretch cleans the intestines of ama. Old honey aids in the removal of accumulated non-essential fats from the body. The same preparation if had after all meals is a known formula for reducing fat.

Another extremely effective preparation that can be tried at a stretch for one month for removing constipation uses Amaltas, the bright yellow flowers. Take the pulp of the Amaltas fruit and equal quantity of tamarind [imli], half a teaspoon each and soak them overnight. Mash them in the residue water and remove the seeds. Filter this preparation and have the liquid at least one hour after dinner.

Pulp of Amaltas should be heated to a very bearable temperature and then applied in and around the navel in circular motions in multiples of seven, just before sleep, as this reduces aggravated vata and aids in removing the symptoms of acidity and flatulence.

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