Green food for health that you can try


Green is the most abundant colour in nature. Ever wondered why?

Green colour in its entire spectrum from dark green to the lightest shades [as whitish green, as discussed in colour pranas] is the primary colour in the pranic dimension for cleaning and dispelling negativity.


The ongoing process of creation results in toxicity in the atmosphere and in the bodies of the beings. As selfishness is the most abundant quality found in the beings of this planet and this dimension, so negativity and toxicity, which is a by-product of such qualities, is bound to be highest. So nature provides us the colour green in abundance so that we can clean ourselves regularly and hence save ourselves from diseases.

Practitioners of various Spiritual Healing arts use the various shades of green for cleansing the atmosphere, homes and bodies. Dhyan Foundation teaches these arts and the Sciences of Colours with utmost purity.

The foods which are green in colour generally are cleansing, carminative and clearing agents. The lighter the shade of green the more potent the property and vice versa.

To suggest which shade of green is most potent for cleansing which ailment, would require personal meeting, but here we are giving certain universal foods in the colour green which have similar properties and belong to a similar spectrum with respect to their properties. We would eagerly wait for your responses on their effects.  

Saline [lavana rasa] helps in carmination, digestion, alleviation of vata and clarification of the channels of circulation.

Pungent [katu rasa] keeps mouth clean, promotes digestion and absorption of food and aids elimination of waste.

Bitter [tikta rasa] removes toxin, is germicidal and also helps in depleting fat.

Tulsi [pungent and bitter] is detoxifying, amla aids in stomach diseases, karela [bitter] is detoxifying and helps in skin and urinary disorders. Using the above two as a juice on an empty stomach in the morning keeps the stomach healthy and is also used by vaids as weight reduction formulae.

Neem [bitter, pungent and astringent] is carminative, cleans the skin and removes worms. Chewing a neem twig rids one off, most of the known tooth and gum problems.

Pudina [pungent], aids digestion by cleaning the stomach and intestines, cleans worms, clears wind in the stomach.

Lavana is found primarily in garlic [white has all the colours], but is to be used with caution as it increases pitta.

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