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Not so long ago, the air was clean, water pure and food healthy. Then man’s thought became polluted, he no longer gave back, only wanted. The green revolution that introduced pesticides into the food chain has become a leading cause of cancer; we are all well aware of Punjab’s ‘Cancer Train’. Factories started dumping toxic waste into the water bodies, while households let their sewage flow into rivers, lakes and seas. Cars, burning of garbage, and other greenhouse gas emissions ensured that air gets polluted and man chokes.

It, therefore, becomes a Herculean task to ensure what you inhale or ingest is toxin-free. Below are some gadgets that may come in handy,


1)Air Purifiers: There are many out there like the Xiaomi

Mi Air 2 that are cheaper and good to clean PM 2.5 from the air, but the Dyson Pure Cool link not only cleans PM 2.5 but cleans PM 0.1 one too. Many of them come with an app as well, so you can monitor the air quality inside the room through your smartphone.

2)Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners: The fruits and vegetables that we eat are laced with a gamut of chemicals and pesticides. It is important to clean them thoroughly before consuming. Fruit and veggie cleaners use ozone purification technology to get rid of the chemicals and pesticides from the food. These have a timer function as well, which will do the job on auto-mode. All one needs to do is put the items in water, place the nozzle in it and start the machine.

3) Water ROs: Many diseases are caused because we consume ill-treated or contaminated water. It is essential that we drink water from a reliable source or use RO machines before consuming. ROs comes in many different shapes and sizes. They use reverse osmosis technology to clean water and add minerals. Some even have a special chemi-block filter that removes harmful chemicals from drinking water. Others come with UV filtration.

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Sulabh Puri

Sulabh Puri

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