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Rakta or the blood, a primary Dhatu in the body, is the medium through which prana in its sthoola [physically manifested state] is transferred to even the minutest aspect of the physical body. It is through the blood that a disease spreads in the body and it is also through the blood that aushadhies [a tonic which increases the body’s immunity levels] take effect and the body self-heals. It is the blood which brings that glow in your persona and it is that blood which gives you that parched look. It is blood which is responsible for various kinds of skin problems and the same blood also is responsible for a flawless skin. This blood when it cannot reach certain areas causes wrinkles and that aged look.

In a nutshell impure blood is the root cause of the majority of maladies of today’s Gen X and the yesteryears and today’s seniors.


When we search nature for a solution to the problems of blood we are given two options, first the Vardhka or the augmenting and second, the Cleansing. The latter is not the subject of this article for that comes under the colour green, this we shall discuss in another article. The former is more relevant and we shall discuss that here.

The colour to look for in nature is obviously red. The various shades of red that nature gives us, be it in foods or metals each has its own special quality which affects the blood. In metals copper helps in the formation of blood, food eaten in copper vessels and water kept in copper utensils both contribute to improving the quality of your blood. In the world of food, foods like beetroot, apples, red grapes, red onions, almonds, apricots, pomegranate, raisins, figs, dates….primarily red foods or foods with a coppery tinge, all increase the production and quality of blood.

Let me give one simple recipe for preparing a tonic for curing blood disorders:

“purana sarpisha prastho drakshardh prastha sadhitah, kamla gulma pandu varti jvara mehodarapah.” Charaka Samhita, Volume 4 ch.16 verse 52.

One prastha [640 gms] of old cow ghee should be added to half prastha of draksha [munacca or red grapes] and cooked together, This medicated ghee cures anaemia and diseases of the stomach.

In Ayurveda blood disorders are related with Pitta. So expert opinion for treatment of diseases is a must.

Nayanika Arora

Nayanika Arora

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