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We had introduced a basic self-healing technique in the last issue. Let us delve deeper into the science of colours, which are the tools for Spiritual Healing.

If you look around in nature, you will find the canvas painted with millions of colours. A careful glance would reveal that that for every colour, there exist millions of shades and each shade has a different impact on you as you look at it. Take, for example, the colour blue. The hottest region in a candle flame is blue in colour and also the icy cold water is a shade of blue. It is this understanding of the myriad shades of colours and their related properties, which sets the basic foundation for a spiritual healer.


Using the properties of some commonly known colours, let us understand another simple but very useful technique to feel light in the stomach after a heavy meal, in a matter of a few minutes, without any medication or exercise.

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Connect with your Guru, as was explained in the last article. Gently start abdominal breathing, expand your abdomen as you inhale and pull it in as you exhale. Bring your awareness to your navel. Place your palms flat on the abdomen with fingers of both the hands pointing towards navel and the finger tips touching the periphery of the navel.

Slowly become aware of very light whitish orange light emanating from your palms and filling up the entire abdominal cavity. Become aware of every organ in this region washed with this whitish orange light. After a minute, become aware of this whitish orange light change to a whitish green hue. Absorb the green from this whitish green light through the walls of the stomach and intestines leaving only white light in your abdomen after about two minutes. Slowly be aware of this white light change to cool whitish blue. Keep your awareness on this shade of blue for a minute and then slowly bring your awareness out of the abdominal cavity, back to the navel. After a few minutes of practicing abdominal breathing, become aware of your complete physical form as you open your eyes.

The dissipating property of orange helps to break down heavy prana. The cleansing and assimilating property of green helps in absorbing the prana from the food you have eaten and the cooling property of blue neutralises the effect of orange.

This technique can be practiced sitting on a chair, in the car or just before going to bed.

(Inputs from the teachings of Master Choa)

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