Cuts and Bruises


In the last issue, we had discussed fever; this time let us look into certain emergency procedures for healing minor cuts and bruises. It may be emphasized here that when we use the spiritual dimension for healing, it is not to be forgotten that this is not the dimension of common beings, it is the dimension of saints, sadhnas for increasing your position on the evolutionary ladder are the most advanced sadhnas and will result in heightening your ability to access the dimension of colours to effectuate healing. Certain energies (colours) which are non-accessible to common people would be within your easy reach. If practiced self-healing and without any commercial angle, the results would be miraculous.

When observed clairvoyantly the cells which regenerate tissue and skin are of various shades of yellow. The first step would be to take your awareness to your Anahad chakra and connect with your Guru. As mentioned earlier, do keep a dust bin in the form of a bowl filled with water and sea salt. In this bowl you throw off the diseased prana as if you are dusting dust off a cloth. Some light yellow flowers and neem leaves are your tools for this procedure.


Sweep the whole body generally 50 times holding the neem leaves in both your hands. The sweeping motion is from top to toe. Then holding the neem leaves in your right hand, clean the cut specifically in an anticlockwise circular motion. Your awareness should be on your Vishuddhi chakra. Then using the yellow flowers energize the cut for around 15 minutes with whitish yellow light. When energizing, your hand should move in a clockwise direction. Though in this procedure your awareness is at the Vishuddhi chakra you should also maintain your detachment from the subject by being aware that you are just a channel for healing and the healing is being effectuated by a higher force. Then with your palms transfer a cooling sensation to the wound in the form of a light blue colour. Tell us what happened.


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