Copper Sunshine


Variations in colour of bottles and metals, when combined with Surya Prana, have a miraculous effect. Here, Yogi Ashwiniji describes the effect of water kept in a copper vessel in the sun.

Copper is a reddish, shiny metal. After silver, copper is the best conductor of electricity and heat. According to ancient texts, there are two kinds of copper: Nepali copper and Malechh copper. Nepali copper is pure, in that it is smooth (snigdha), soft (mridu), shiny red, non breakable, heavy and pure (milavat rahit), has moisture and does not turn dark or blackish when it comes into contact with air. In contrast, Malechh copper is whitish in colour, breakable, impure (having other metals mixed in it) and gets affected in contact with water and air.


In the below mentioned healing technique, Nepali copper should be used.

Take a pure copper (Nepali taamba) utensil, fill it with fresh water and keep it in the sun for one to two hours, giving it enough time to absorb Surya Prana. The prana filtering through a copper utensil will have the properties of copper. Copper is bitter, astringent and pungent in taste; cool in potency and improves blood circulation. It has the property of healing wounds, balancing all three doshas and is anti-toxic. It is also beneficial in various ailments as piles, skin diseases, swelling, respiratory disorders, acute pain, spleen and gynecological disorders, and stomach disorders. Drink this water and feel the difference, as what is discussed here is purely on experiential basis.

Copper utensils are easily available in the market but care must be taken to source it from a shop of repute, even if it means paying a little extra.

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