Black Food: Everything You Need To Know


Prana interpenetrates all aspects of Creation and divides itself into various frequencies, resulting in all aspects of manifested Creation, which can also be called the physical world. To a clairvoyant, the manifested world looks like a reflection of various colours and shades. From this higher form of colours, we can do any changes in the physical world or lower form.

The prana of black is a little complicated, for black is the colour of death and also the ultimate colour of Creation [the all-encompassing dimensions of life and death together]. One needs to dwell into the subtler layers of Creation by going into deep states of dhyan to experience black. As this is not possible for a normal person, so we would stick to the food prana aspect of black and give certain combinations of black, which would have an amazing, and in some states, miraculous effect on the physical.


When the vital prana vayu is disturbed in the body, then ailments of the respiratory tract and also the upper stomach set in. You will observe that people who get into the practices of hyper pranayams like kapalbhati and bhastrika, without doing proper kriyas to balance their effect, normally end up disturbing the normal functioning of the Prana vayu. Initially the effects of these two pranayams may seem revitalizing but in the long run the body, by the rapid breathing process, is wasting the vital prana and inviting diseases. Just like a car, which has a litre of fuel in it can be taken to ten kilometres by gentle driving and just a kilometre or two by zipping the accelerator, a high is felt initially by hyper pranayams but in the long term the vital Prana vayu gets exhausted and the practitioner has to suffer badly. The effect of these pranayamas can also be compared with the effects of steroids. In both cases clairvoyantly it has been observed that a tinge of black sets in the aura which is interpreted as a disease.

Pippali, also called as adi marundu in Tamil (which means the first rejuvenator), is concretized black prana and is used for a range of problems from headache, cough, respiratory problems, ear-nose-throat ailments, indigestion, flatulance, skin ailments etc. Pippali is an important ingredient of Chyvanprasha, Medha Rasayan and Trikatu. Another herb called bhilava is also a very potent black prana, which in a large quantity acts like a poison while in minor quantities it has amazing medicinal use.

Take equal quantity of Pippali, black pepper and dry ginger, powder them and take with warm water and honey one hour after meals, this combination is an effective cure for diseases of the respiratory tract. Combination prescribed with black prana, are to be used less frequently and in minor quantities, unless prescribed by an ayurvedic vaidya.

There are many other combinations of black prana which cannot be given here due to its high potency as damage might occur if administered without supervision.

Deepshikha Bindal

Deepshikha Bindal

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