12 Reasons To Skip Beef


Ancient texts tell us and modern science confirms that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Killing an animal or letting it happen, is a negative karma leading to lower births and opening the doorways to hell, the implications on health and body are severe.

Cow is a special animal whose every product is useful for Creation. Cow dung is used as manure for the soil in cultivation. Cow urine has medicinal and anti-cancer properties and is used in the soil for anti-termite properties. Cow milk is nourishment par excellence.


However, all the hazards are stored in its meat and he who eats it breeds a host of diseases.

1 Normal pH of the human body is Alkaline. Beef when eaten is highly acidic and changes the pH of the human body harvesting diseases like cancer etc.

2 Beef is high in Uric acid. When uric acid level increases in the blood, diseases like GOUT manifest in which there is severe joint pain, especially, Ball of the Big Toe. Other joints also can be affected. Elevated Uric acid levels also result in kidney stones and heighten susceptibility to cardiac problems.

3 Beef is also toxic to the Liver. I had a young patient who presented to me profound fatigue and marked weight gain. On evaluation he had abnormal liver function tests as evidenced by an elevated SGPT levels (Normal value is upto 45). His level was 95. He was an avid beef eater. He was not put on any medication and was asked to only stop eating beef and after revaluating him 1 month later, his liver function tests were absolutely normal and his energy levels were much better.

4 There is a higher incidence of cardiac ailments in the form of heart attacks in regular beef eaters and many of them undergo Bypass surgeries and Angioplasties at a very young age.

5 Beef increases the incidence of Type II Diabetes.

6 When beef is eaten the haem content in the beef floats in the intestine and it is toxic to the intestinal lining and promotes the absorption of toxic products which can cause colon cancer.

7 Lot of dyes and colouring agents which contain nitrites are added to beef at the meat counter to make it look healthy. When these reach the human intestines, they are broken into nitrosamines which are cancer promoting substances. Incidence of colon cancer is higher in regular beef eaters.

8Cows which are slaughtered, are frequently seen eating garbage, plastic, sanitary waste, etc. on the roads all of which directly enter the cow’s intestine and from there in its meat leading to a host of diseases when consumed. Dhyan Foundation volunteers got the post mortem done of many street cows and found upto 50kg of plastic inside the gut.

9 Today cattle are fed with poisonous substances like urea, hormones and steroids, growth hormones, radioactive substances, mud and other animal carcasses which are toxic to the human body and when we humans consume this we become a storehouse of diseases.

Cows have higher states of consciousness and can sense the fear of death before being slaughtered. During this process of impending death, a lot of hormones and toxic substances are released in their body. Some of these substances released are unknown to mankind. These when consumed by humans can be toxic and can cause an artificial state of hyper arousal and the incidence of depression is higher in people who consume beef regularly.

Dietary fibre is a very important part of diet and is seen more in vegetarian foods like fruits and vegetables. They reduce cholesterol and improve the intestinal motility and soften the stools. Beef contains less fibre and people who eat beef are prone to constipation, fissures in the anus etc.

Mad Cow Disease is a lethal disease which affects the Central Nervous System and is spread by infected cattle. There is no cure for this disease and death is certain.

Author: Dr Prasan Prabhakar, Laxmi Hosptial

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