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Summer is probably the worst time for any skin type to deal with. Scorching heat, sun damage, perspiration, dust, pollution, extreme exposure to heat and air-conditioning, mosquito bites and what not.

Out of all the skincare rituals, cleansing and hydrating become of utmost importance in the summer season. Then comes nourishment – rejuvenating the skin with the use of toners, tonics and night treatments.


Never forget, skin absorbs readily whatever is put on it without discrimination. So feed your skin with organically produced herbal preparations, floral extracts and foods you consider good to eat, because skin is your largest organ. Switch to organic and go chemical-free for a complete beauty makeover. The results will be apparent in just a few days and last a lifetime.

Exfoliate with fruit-based scrubs which contain natural coarse granules like dead sea salt, raw sugar, fruit extracts and peels to scrub and remove dead skin cells and debris deposited in skin pores. Glycerine and honey-based clay cleansers are also extremely beneficial as they do not rip the skin of moisture. Never use alcohol-based products unless your skin is extremely oily, acne prone or has pussy pustules.

A good home-made exfoliant may contain seasonal fruit pulp, honey, dried herbs, coarse grains and essential oils depending on the skin type.

Remove all makeup with oil based cleansers as harsh surfactants in foaming cleansers leave the skin dry and damaged owing to their chemical constitution. Applying a toner afterward with a sterilized cotton swab will remove the excess oil and remaining deposits to give you a clean smooth skin ready to be treated with rejuvenation serums, oils, moisturizers and any skin treatments you choose.

Using a sun block is probably the most effective way to save your skin from ageing and burn out during the summers. But do not forget, wrinkles also set in when skin is creased or folded frequently. To avoid that wear sunglasses and wide-rimmed hats to prevent squinting in the bright sun to prevent crow’s feet and wrinkles on face and forehead. Never ignore the neck area, décolleté. Skin of the neck and under the eyes is thinner than the rest of the body and needs extra care.

Night time is the best time to use target treatments for the skin, as that is the time when body is in repair mode. The skin cells recuperate from stress of the day, and new cells are generated, or old ones revitalize. This is the time when it s essential to apply tonics to the skin, like serums and night creams to aid the repair work.

Homemade toner and skin brightening recipe: Take 8 parts pure organic rose water, 1 part lemon(organic) juice and 1 part organic vegetable glycerine. Mix together and store in a glass bottle in a refrigerator. Apply after exfoliation or cleansing twice a day for a bright radiant complexion. Follow by a serum or moisturizer.

Green coconut flesh mixed with grated cucumber and honey makes for an excellent hydrating and toning mask. Make sure you use everything organic.

Tip: Do not scrub or exfoliate your face more than once a week unless recommended by an expert.

Arti Gaur is an Ayurveda expert at Dhyan Foundation. She is also the founder of Quinta Essentia Organic, which produces safe organic skincare, hair care and well-being products without use of any synthetic or artificial colours, preservatives or fragrances.

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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