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Skin tightening pack
You will need the following ingredients: a pinch of haldi, one fourth teaspoon of sandalwood powder, one teaspoon honey, half teaspoon of aloe juice (made from fresh gel from plant) and two teaspoons wheat flour.
Blend all the ingredients with egg yolk for dry skin and egg white for oily skin. Apply this paste after cleaning your face properly. You can cover your eyes with cucumber slices or cotton dipped in rose water. Let it dry. Massage with ice cubes and rinse with cold water, pat dry.
Caution: Always do a patch test before trying anything new on your face. Ensure the ingredients are organic.
Juice up!
A glass of juice a day keeps the doctor away and diseases at bay. But before you gulp down that old carton lying in your fridge, here is what the science of ayurved has to say. Firstly, it is important (read imperative) to drink the juice fresh and not that which has been lying in your fridge for hours, days and sometimes months. It is also a bad idea to mix fruits of opposite qualities and to keep a gap between drinking the juice and your meals. The best way to drink it, recommends ayurved, is in a glass or ceramic vessel. Here are two different juice combinations and their health benefits.
Apple juice with ginger and honey is a tonic for the heart. Do bear in mind those with a predominant pitta dosha should avoid or reduce ginger. For vatta predominant people ginger balances the flatulence caused by apples. Honey (at least one-year-old) balances kapha dosha.
When taken in an empty stomach, carrot juice is very good for the stomach. Regular intake for two months clears the intestines, aids digestion and the peristaltic movement and is good for immunity. You can also add beetroot, which helps those with anaemia, boosts energy levels and is also good for those who suffer from constipation and piles.

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Armaan Chatly

Armaan Chatly

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